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Compatibility is a very important aspect, when it comes to teaming up together, be it personally as well as professionally. Today, we sneak a look into how # 5 {05th, 14th & 23rd born} fare with people born with people born with people born on the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5:

# 5’s are governed by Mercury.

5 with 1:

A respectable match, even in business, there would be good returns and high gains, as both can think and work fast, and would be materialistic by nature; however 1 would be the more dominating of the two, and would require a freer hand in the affairs.

Number 1, if looked upon by a 5 number person, can make matters better, over all, an above-average match.

Common interest could perhaps be music, dance, and entertainment and material success.

But 1, Sun, can be too ‘heated’ for 5, Mercury, which could melt on pressure; so 1 should learn to deal with this fragility 5 could be disposed with.

Number 5 Abhishek and Number 1 Aishwarya locked horns, er, exchanged garlands

5 with 2:

2 could find it a little difficult to keep up to the fast pace set by 5.

To gel better, 2 would have to learn to flow with the pace, and try to give the proper direction to the unstable (wavering) mind of a 5.

Patience and resilience is what 5 can learn from 2.

{Kajol is a number 5 whereas Ajay Devgan a Number 2}

5 with 3:

On the material front, both could be lucky for the other, although 5 could end up being more expensive in ideas, and could be spendthrift, whereas 3 would spend as well as save.

Getting on with routine and monotony is what 5 can learn from 3, and 3 could take a lesson or two in socializing or letting their hair loose!

5 with 4:

No.5 person as a partner could be good at business, and take some calculated moves, even if a little restlessly. Understanding 4 could come with a little more difficulty for 5.

The redeeming aspect is that 5 would have the ability to mix and blend with almost all numbers.

# 4 Imran Khan {04/01} was lucky to have two # 5’s influencing the start of his career in the form of Amir Khan {14/03} and Genelia {05/08}.

5 with 5:

An ideal match, almost inseparable; both would understand the necessity of giving space to each other; at the same time, boredom and monotony is what they should guard against. Although social outings could set them off well, ‘all play and no work’ is what they must guard against.

# 5 Aamir Khan shared great chemistry with fellow # 5, Kajol in Fanaa.

# 5 Genelia was lucky to get a break from fellow # 5 Aamir Khan.


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