Husband dies after setting himself on fire to protest against the police who set free suspect who raped wife.

A man in Pakistan has died after setting himself on fire to protest against police who set free a suspect in his wife’s rape case.

Safdar Hussain, 23, was taken to hospital in Faisalabad, Pakistan, with burn injuries on 70 per cent of his body.

Pakistan media report Mr Hussain setting himself on fire after police released the man accused of robbing and gang-raping his wife in Jhang.

Protests followed after his body was returned to his village, with locals setting tyres on fire and suspending traffic for several hours, including an attempt  to set fire to the Athara Hazari Police Station and surrounded the building for two hours.

Mr Hussain had claimed police released the suspect after taking a bribe from him.

Demonstrations were later called off when Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif offered assurances that there would be further probing into the case and  announced 1 million rupees in compensation for the heirs of the deceased.


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