Numerology: Number 4, Four Pillars?


Compatibility is a very important aspect, when it comes to teaming up together, be it personally as well as professionally. Today, we sneak a look into how # 4 people {4th, 13th, 22nd & 31st born} fare with people born on the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4

# 4 people are governed by Uranus.

4 with 1:

A very decent combination, as their original and unconventional ideas would match, considerably. Number 1 should prove to be lucky for number 4, and if possible, property or business should be in the name of number 1.

The original, independent and unconventional ideas they would share could practically be implemented, as there would be less room for doubting each other. In business, though Uranus would make a # 4 person more research-oriented and inquisitive, 1 would be more comfortable if perched higher.

# 1 Hrithik Roshan {10/01} shared great and successful chemistry with # 4 Preity Zinta {31/01} in Mission Kashmir & Koi Mil Gaya

4 with 2:

The chemistry here could be quite electrifying, as the ideas and thoughts would match reasonably well.

If you take a No.2 person as a partner, it would be comfortable, as your originality would find a faithful follower, gains indicated.

Shahrukh Khan is a number 2 whereas Juhi Chawla a # 4. Maanayta is # 4 while Hubbys Sanjay Dutt # 2. # 4 Sridevi {13/08} is married to Boney Kapoor who is# 2 {11/11}.

4 with 3:

Even if not exactly poles apart, there could be little chemistry, and more sparks than anything, as 3 could be more materialistic, safe and practical, whereas 4 could be more daring, unconventional, and original.

From 4, 3 could learn to be more different and ingenious, and accept ‘change’ whereas 3 could teach 4 a lesson or two in matters of financial savings.

3 would be more ambitious, daring and dominating, a risk taker.

4 with 4:

Both being unconventional and different, there could be a lot in common.

However because others would not be as original, there would be difficulties in selling the inventive ideas. It would be like two Englishmen who do not know Roman, in Rome.

Hey you readers out there, after reading the above, if you think you are mismatched, then you must take solace from the fact that opposites attract! Cheers!

God Bless

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Swetta Jumaani
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